• Financial Institution Bond

  • Mortgage Bankers Bond

  • Mortgage Impairment (E&O)

  • Officers and Directors Liability

  • Professional Liability

  • Employee Practices

  • Privacy Liability (Cyber)

Mortgage Insurance

  • Lender Placed Insurance

  • Mortgage Impairment (E&O)

  • Lender-Placed Flood Insurance

  • Elimination of Checking for Equity Loan

  • Individual Properties that cannot find insurance.



Lenders Financial Insurance Services provides insurance programs and solutions for financial institutions which are active in mortgage lending.  Our clients are commercial banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, real estate investors, and even life insurance companies.

Financial institution insurance is, at it's most basic, a risk management tool.  Some critically important polices rarely have claims, if ever.  Yet, the intrinsic value provided by these policies permits the financial institution to efficiently and profitably conduct its business. 

Reduce Risk.  Lower Cost.   This is approach taken in every aspect of our relationship with our clients.   That might mean improved (broader) coverage at a lower premium, or perhaps reduced overhead costs, or even their elimination. 

And because competing policies vary in the marketplace, financial institutions can benefit by periodically comparing them.  

If it's good for the client, then it's good for Lenders Financial Insurance Services.  Thus, we measure our success not just by a new "sale," but by improving the risk management of our clients. 

Lenders Financial can discuss a multitude of ideas, solutions, and innovations to current loan operation challenges.  Insurance, like technology, is always changing.  New and better ways of using insurance to "lower risk" and "reduce costs" are regularly being made available to the financial institution marketplace.

To discuss ways to reduce risk and lower cost, please contact Lenders Financial Insurance Services at (248) 689-2001.


Lenders Financial Insurance Services
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